Monday, September 28, 2015

Rhode Island Nature Video Festival Call For Submissions

Save The Bay is proud to share with you the rules and submission regulations to the Rhode Island Nature Video Festival being organized by the Environment Council of Rhode Island. Submission deadline is December 10, 2015. Below are the rules and submission guidelines as submitted to us by NCRI, and any questions should be submitted to or 401-621-8048. Good luck! 

Rules for entry are as follows: 

The video must be filmed in Rhode Island by a person or a group of people currently residing in, or going to school, in Rhode Island. The video must be about some sort of nature in Rhode Island. It must be focused on a natural or naturalized set of plants, animals or natural features.  This means no dogs, cats, pet fish, pet birds or farm animals. Turtles, snakes and amphibians should be native species that are free ranging or bound for release like tadpoles in a kiddie pool. No illegally kept or exotics will be included in the festival. Incidental inclusion of domestic animals is okay. For example, you could show the horse you rode on a trail if the video is focused on the trail or other natural feature.  Farms and gardens will be treated the same way, incidental inclusion only, unless you are exploring science. One distinction that we intend to honor is that some videos are just straight from nature. Others can be edited to tell a story and a narrator can be used.       

We encourage videos of various lengths, including short clips and long stories. However, the maximum length is 15 minutes. Any video longer than 45 seconds must include credits and videos with copyright violations shall be rejected. Filmmakers are allowed to submit multiple entries, but quality is prefered over quantity.  

Videos shall be submitted by sending a link to the video to the festival committee email contact.  Sending the link implies that we have permission to use it in the festival. The committee putting on the event shall choose which videos to use in the festival.  We reserve the right to reject any video deemed inappropriate. Some videos may be cut due to time constraints. All submissions must come as a link and accompanied by the Name(s) of those who created the video with: address, phone, email, age category (12 and under, teen, student or adult) and video credits.

Those who submit a video that is included in the program will be entitled to free admission to the festival.

Submission deadline is December 10, 2015 and The Video Festival will be held on February 6, 2016 with tickets going on sale in December. Video submissions and questions should be sent to environmentcouncil@earthlink.netIf you prefer to have your questions answered by phone, you may call the Environment Council office at 401-621-8048.  

The Environment Council of Rhode Island looks forward to your submissions!

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