Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Guest blog: A visit to Save The Bay

By Megan Stoessell, The Lincoln School

A soft breeze. Salty air. One ribbed mussel in a small palm. Ducks calling. That freighter in the distance. A visit to Save The Bay plays to the senses in a way that immerses Lincoln School girls in their natural habitat—Narragansett Bay.

On May 18, the beneficiaries of Lincoln's partnership with Save The Bay were third through fifth graders, who huddled over buckets, looking for signs of life along the rocky shoreline along Fields Point in Providence.

"It's so cool," Kate Zarski exclaimed.

"When we do field trips we're not always in nature," Olivia Vincent added. "And on this one we get to explore."

Explore they did, using laminated guides to identify creatures and then share their findings, including the invasive Asian shore crab. "They have just taken over everything," environmental educator Alexandra Karaczynski said. "It's wild!"

Also wild was her tip to hum to the periwinkle, which responded to the noise by showing its operculum, or "eyes," as one student shouted. Indeed, all eyes were open.

See the pictures from the day

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